An AI Rewrote the Ending of Games of Thrones and It Is Better than the Real Thing

The folks at College Humor recreated an AI generated Games of Thrones finale and it is a must watch!

Games of Thrones was known for its impressive scripts done by a group of professional and highly qualified writers. But maybe, it was not a necessity.

This Games of Thrones scene from College Humor sees the comedians perform a finale written by an artificial intelligence (AI) bot. It is hard to tell what is funnier, the script or the stage directions.

“Sansa gets closer to him and then takes out a large spear and pushes it into Jon’s stomach. He looks concerned," is given as a direction.

"Don't let them see that you think them very pretty! A knight does what is wonderful," says Brienne.

There are even doppelgangers having tea with each other. The whole episode, if you can call it that, goes on for 4 minutes and 27 seconds.

There are no instructions on what process was used to get the AI generated script but this video is a must-watch for any Games of Thrones fans or for anyone curious about what AI can do, in terms of script writing.

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