An Airplane Overhead Bin Catches Fire After Portable Charger Burns

Passengers captured footage of a power bank battery catching fire before a flight on a Chinese airline.
Shelby Rogers

Passengers about to fly with a China Southern Airlines plane recently had a scare with a fire onboard the aircraft. Luckily, the plane was still grounded at the time of the incident. An object sparked a fire in an overhead luggage bin. Further investigations uncovered that the issue was a portable charger which caught fire, but the exact make and model of the device has yet to be revealed. 

No one suffered any serious injuries according to the airline. The fire was quickly extinguished thanks to the quick thinking of both passengers and crew personnel. Passengers were escorted off the plane and loaded onto the next flight out to their respective destinations. 

The situation was reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which kept exploding, overheating and sparking so frequently that airlines around the world banned the phone from being on while the planes were in the air. The phone even led to the United States's Department of Transportation banning the device completely on American flights. 

While the device that caused the flame on the flight hasn't been released yet, many speculate that a lithium-ion battery is to blame. While efficient, those batteries have been linked to increased chances of fire, especially if they're poorly constructed or have taken on a lot of damage during their usage.