An Endlessly Customizable Electric Vehicle

The car comes with 114 different accessories.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Fiat's Centoventi is an endlessly customizable car that makes sure you never have to trade it in. Named after the Italian automaker’s 120th anniversary, the Centoventi allows customers to choose from four different roofs, four bumpers, four-wheel covers, and four paint wraps. 

Once those have been chosen, there are 114 different accessories provided by the courtesy of fellow Fiat Chrysler company, Mopar, such as seat cushions or bottle holders. The company even indicates that it could possibly 3D print parts at home.

Even the Centoventi's battery is configurable. The car comes with a small 100 km range battery pack but features a sliding rail system that leaves room for others. Customers could then buy ore even rent extra packs to get up to 500km of range.

Finally, the Centoventi’s tailgate comes with a display screen of the Fiat logo that, when the car stops, lets customers put their own messages in. A pretty cool feature for an already cool car!

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