An RC Acrobatic Model Airplane That Actually Flies

Making a flying airplane toy is not just for anybody. It requires special tools and expertise.

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Boy, do we have an exciting project for you. Do you know it is possible to make an RC acrobatic model airplane that actually flies?

This task is not just for anybody. It requires specialized tools and a lot of expertise but it sure makes for a fun-to-watch video.

First, take a foam board and cut it up in 3cm by 30cm rectangular pieces. Pour glue on these pieces and stick them one on top of the other. Do the same thing with smaller pieces.

Take another large piece of foam board and on half of it remove the paper part of the foam so that it is left with just the white foam. Stick all your rectangular pieces on that large foam board.


Take another piece of foam and cut out the wings. On that piece stick a 9gr micro servo. Take a rotating blade and stick it on a piece of foam meant to be the nose of the airplane. Connect this blade to a battery and a remote-controlled joystick.

Then use another device to connect the ailerons of the wings to the battery and the remote-controlled joystick. Add the battery and test to see if the ailerons move.

Put all these pieces together and glue them well. You now have an airplane that is ready to fly!

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