This Incredibly Animated Fidget Spinner Gives Life to Super Mario

Kathleen Villaluz

As the world continues to revolve around fidget spinners, countless different styles and forms have been designed to give off cool spinning effects. And you have to admit, they are just so darn entertaining. This video here will reveal exactly how incredible and entertaining fidget spinners are. A Pyro Design made an animated fidget spinner featuring Super Mario running as it spins. They didn't reveal how they made it but it's certainly worth to hit that replay button a few times.

The reason why Super Mario appears to be running as the fidget spinner spins is that the rolling electronic shutter in a smartphone takes action as the scene is recorded. Many wonderful authentic and synthetic things are often due to scientific phenomena, and this cool fidget spinner is no different. If you want a more detailed explanation to understand the effect better then you might want to check this out.

Focus your attention from 02 until 04 seconds as that's where most of the realistic or animated running are compacted. After those golden seconds, the spinner drains in momentum and is simply not fast enough to simulate running motion. With the help of the electronic shutter, the running motion of Mario was slowed down for an indeed cool fidget spinner effect.

Via A Pyro Design


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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