This Guy Used Apple's ARkit to Recreate the Moon Landing in His Kitchen

Jessica Miley

When Apple released its augmented reality toolkit (ARkit) last month, they were hoping to inspire developers to use the technology to create amazing things. Tomas Garcia answered their call. Check out this video of the moon superimposed in Garcia’s kitchen as you listen to the audio of the moon landing, stay with it to see a tiny spacecraft land on the moon's surface.

Garcia isn’t going to win an Oscar for cinematography but the image quality is unreal. Describing himself as a Magician & Inceptionist on his YouTube channel, he used ARKit to create the video.

Garcia’s other videos on his channel include a robot dancing to the Vengaboys. Apple wants to be "the largest AR platform in the world" and while they haven’t released their own apps yet, enthusiastic developers have been quick to respond.

Developers are sharing what they have come up with so far and it is looking good, from flaming warships to raining soda cans the playful potential of AR is awesome. My favorite so far though this space invader styled shooting game.  

You can keep up with all the latest developments and designs here.

But other applications are possible too. Apple is teaming up with Ikea to create an AR app that will take the sweat out of choosing what to buy by placing Ikea items into your house.

Via Tomás García


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