Apple Watch Ejects Water in Slo-Mo Revealing Genius Engineering

This guy went for a swim in the quarantine way and filmed his Apple Watch ejecting water in slow motion.

Fun fact of the day: Apple Watches have a Water Lock mode that disables all the finger inputs from the screen, and to unlock it, you sping the digital crown and eject the water that's inside it through the two speaker holes, firing water all over your wrist in the process.

As those with professional deformation, or "nerdview", know, looking at every day things from the perspective of your profession can make you more productive in some cases. That was the case for The Slow Mo Guys' Gav who found himself wanting to film the firing water process.

After going for a swim in quarantine fashion, he used the probe lens to get up and close with the tiny speaker holes.

You'll be blown away by how much water actually comes out in these shots. It is interesting how Apple managed to have a watch that has a speaker and is also water-resistant at the same time. Incredibly cool visuals aside, pondering about the engineering behind such technology is fun too. 

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