Are Those Famous Apple Advertisements Really 'Shot on iPhone'?

Jessica Miley

Ever thought those 'Shot on iPhone' advertisements were a little too good? So did blogger Marques Brownlee who did a little digging to find out what was really going on behind the scenes. He found under the small caption that read 'shot on iPhone' there is some additional tiny text that reads “additional equipment and software used”.  That is a pretty cheeky way of saying “not really shot on iPhone”.

It seems that the gear that is used to shoot these ads is actually pretty complicated, think rigs that are operated by robots and massive zooms and lenses.  

Luckily, Marques was determined to get all the answers for us and put together a great video that shows how you can create Apple worthy ads on your smartphone. It’s all about the additional equipment, that turns out is more accessible than you might think.  

The gear ranges from handheld ‘cranes’ that take out your wobble and assist in stabilizing the phone as you move. There are also a bunch of crazy lenses you can attach to feel like Spielberg. Watch the whole video to get all the inside on the tech that is available out there for you to use.  

Shooting footage on iPhones has really taken off lately and filmmakers are even spurning expensive massive cameras for the portability and ease of smartphone cameras with just a little help from ‘additional equipment’. Most famously, the film Tangerine, directed by Sean Baker, was shot using just an iPhone.