Are You Ready To See How Many Tons Cat Truck777 Weighs?

An Autonomous, 100-ton Cat Cat Truck777 is on display with its Interactive Autonomous Experience at CES 2023.
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Imagine a 100-ton vehicle that can operate autonomously to carry out a set of tasks or which can be controlled by a remote. That is CAT 777 truck for you. Caterpillar, a pioneer in the field of mining, is showcasing the smart vehicle at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, aiming to further the vision of autonomous mining.

“People have seen us as an equipment company for more than a century, and they are now realizing that we are a high-tech company as well," said Denise Johnson, group president of Caterpillar Resource Industries.

The truck is intended to operate in a variety of environments such as a quarry or to be used in light & heavy-duty mining operations like for extracting heavy metals and coal.

The Cat Truck 777 can achieve a top speed of 40.9 miles (65 km) per hour and has a payload capacity of 101 tons (101.000 kg). The is powered by CAT's C32 12-cylinder diesel motor that produces a whopping 1,000 bhp of peak power. The smart truck also features a 7-speed automatic powershift with Torque Shift Management Electronic Clutch Pressure Control.

If you think autonomous driving is only in the development stage, you're wrong. These machines have been operating for nearly a decade in the most extreme environments without a driver on board. The CAT 777 on display at CES 2023 represents more than 560 trucks at 24 customer locations on three continents - all without a single workplace accident.

According to Caterpillar, it aims to provide technology solutions that help users build a safer, more sustainable world: advancing automation and autonomy, finding new ways to keep people safe, helping customers better manage site power, providing high-precision machine guidance solutions that improve fleet productivity, and building solutions that manage every aspect of an operation.

At CES 2023, the firm is offering something called 'Interactive Autonomous Experiences', which will give visitors a chance to see Cat Command technologies working in real-time. This is done using two remote operating stations connected to equipment hundreds of miles away. "One station will remotely operate a Cat large dozer, while the second – a single universal station that can operate multiple types of Cat construction equipment – will be remotely connected to a Cat excavator."

Also on offer will be a 'Truck Bed Experience', which provides an opportunity to stand in the bed of a large mining truck and participate in augmented reality experiences.

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