An army vet uses a bionic arm to chop through flaming wooden boards

Even fire can't stop him.
Loukia Papadopoulos

We have all seen sci-fi movies that see soldiers become superhuman due to bionic body parts. Do such features exist today already?

A new video showcases an extremely durable and resilient bionic hand that allows an army veteran to chop through flaming wooden boards without any damage incurred to his bionic limb. The appendage is made by PSYONIC, a next-generation bionic limb company.

"How strong is a bionic hand? Today we chop shock and drop the PSYONIC Ability Hand to test just how durable this bionic prosthesis really is," states the video's description.

"PSYONIC is developing the most advanced bionic limbs that are accessible to more people than ever. The Ability Hand is lightweight, robust, touch-sensing and covered by medicare," further notes the description.

The clip takes us through the bionic arm's whole production process, explaining exactly what makes it so strong and resilient. 

How is the Ability Hand built? What is the science and engineering behind it? What can its wearer accomplish? How flame-resistant is it? This video answers all these questions and gives a live demonstration of the hand in action. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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