Artist Filmed His Life for a Year to Create VR 'Time Machine'

This man created his own "time machine" by using Snapchat's Spectacles.
Derya Ozdemir

"Can we build a real life time machine?" 

This is the question YouTube channel Lucas Builds The Future sets out to answer in this long and beautiful video with a thought-provoking story, silly jokes, and a nice message.

While 2020 feels like a lost time traveler's attempts at fixing this timeline, time travel in the scientific sense is still not a possibility. Thankfully though, creative people that can provide the next best thing exists.

Lucas Rizzotto, the man behind the channel, is a virtual reality and augmented reality artist. He decided to build his own "time machine" by filming his life using Snapchat Spectacles 3, which are camera glasses that record at 60 fps in 3D, for a year. 

And it wouldn't be a "normal" year too since he was basically living as a "digital nomad". He documented his travels through numerous countries around the world.

At the end of his travels, he created a virtual reality time machine to look back at his memories, thereby, making the so-called time machine possible

It might give you a bit of Rick and Morty feel, it definitely did to us. It is a beautiful video in and out, and it will give you a lot to think about. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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