Artist Sets Fire to a Soap Bubble and It's Mesmerizing

Bubble artist Dustin Skye creates a small inverted fire tornado inside a soap bubble that does not break even when it is set on fire.
Loukia Papadopoulos

We have all likely pleasant memories from childhood of blowing soap bubbles in the air and watching them float away. And we all had that moment of wonder when the bubbles stuck together and formed beautiful shapes. 

However, we likely all also had the disappointment of trying to make more complex shapes and failing, breaking the bubbles and watching them disappear. No matter how hard we tried, we could not control these beautiful bubbles very much.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered Dustin Skye. Skye is an expert in bubble making, and you won't believe what he can achieve.

"I'm an artist based out of the central Oregon coast. I specialize in bubbles," says his YouTube channel.

That is not an exaggeration as Skye proceeds in the video we shared today to literally set fire to two bubbles that remain intact even after the fire burns. He calls this mesmerizing art an "inverted tornado fire bubble."

"I've designed a 66mm wand for making inverted tornado bubbles and wanted to share a video showing it's possible to do my inverted fire tornado bubble trick with it. It's much more difficult to do handheld than with my tripod mounted 150mm wand," says his video description.