Engineer Attaches Chainsaw to the End of a Robotic Arm

Then, he sees the dog in the log and uses the chainsaw robot to carve until he sets it free.
Derya Ozdemir

A CNC chainsaw that yells "Stay back, I will kill you," when it starts working; could there be a better engineering project? In this video by Stuff Made Here, which is an engineering-focused channel where you can see various cool inventions, engineer Shane Wighton builds a chainsaw robot that can free a bear trapped in a log. 

He says that his CNC chainsaw can remove everything that isn't the bear, but keep in mind that the log is foam, not wood. After seeing people do projects such as this one and that they are selling it for pretty expensive prices, Wighton thought "Why buy one when I can do a much worse one for free." He, of course, needed thousands of dollars of equipment, but since he is already an engineer who is no stranger to DIY projects, it seemed easier to tackle.