Australia's Defense Agency is Using Cutting-Edge Tech to Make Superhuman Soldiers

The country's Defence Science and Technology government group has unveiled its plans for 2035 "next generation" army personnel that cannot be seen or hurt.


The future is here and it is superhuman! Australia's Defence Science and Technology Group (DST), the "Government's lead agency charged with applying science and technology to protect and defend Australia and its national interests," has unveiled its plans for its "next generation" of soldiers looking towards 2035 and they are nothing short of spectacular.

The team of government researchers has combined the most significant advances in materials science, sensor technologies, and autonomous systems to create army personnel that can't be seen, can't' be hurt and may not even have to be put in dangerous situations. "The classic approach to soldier protection is, in its most simplistic form: don’t be seen; if you’re seen, don’t be hurt, but ideally, don’t be there," states the agency's release.

DST's Dr. Ahmed Bhoyro says the advances even incorporate "everything from camouflage materials to ballistic protection to in-built first aid." And these solutions are as creative as they are futuristic.

From clothing that constricts to become a tourniquet or automatically adjusts its fabric structure in response to environmental changes to camouflage patterns that adapt to lighting conditions, there is nothing these scientists have not thought about. Our favorite is the self-sustaining undergarments that heat or cool according to conditions and we can't help but wonder if civilian applications may come soon.

Last but not least, are the incredible autonomous developments that remove the need for on-ground soldiers altogether. But you can watch the video to see more. 

Via: DST

Australia's Defense Agency is Using Cutting-Edge Tech to Make Superhuman Soldiers


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