This Awesome Paper Disc Can Even Cut Through a Coconut!

Kathleen Villaluz

Remember the 'cut with paper' video? Well, this one uses exactly the same concept but the paper cutter is thicker and much larger in diameter. This video attempted to cut through more objects like a pencil, a baguette, a wounded ball of rubber, and a coconut! I'm not kidding, you have to watch the video for yourself.

Mr.Hacker, the YouTuber, gives you a quick tutorial on how to make a paper cutter disc with dimensions and all. Then he mounts it up on his Hitachi hand grinder which makes it look like just a normal grinder but with a paper cutting disc.

The interesting part of this video is when Mr.Hacker cuts through hard materials like the piece of wood at 3.09 minutes in the video. You can see how the paper disc buckles as it strives to cut through the wood. It struggled to penetrate at the beginning but once the grinder did, it was able to completely slide through the wood without being damaged. you can see how much it struggled to cut through as a slight puff of smoke was given off towards the end. A similar buckling phenomenon can be seen when a wounded ball of rubber was cut. The rubber ball was slightly resistant at the beginning but eventually gave in under the spinning force of the paper grinder.