Backyard Engineer Creates Full-Sized Remote Control Car From Junk

Backyard engineer Will Foster has turned a car rescued from the junkyard into an impressive Arduino powered remote control vehicle.
Jessica Miley

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. This is exactly true for innovative backyard engineer Will Foster who managed to turn an abandoned car into a life-sized remote control vehicle. Foster takes a very beaten up VT Commodore and with some very clever engineering and some parts from eBay transforms it into the ultimate adult-sized toy. The car works remotely with a setup that Foster has created himself. It uses a remote controller that connects to twin Arduino computers glued into the car’s middle console. From there, stepper motors drive two homemade gadgets that function to push the pedals for brakes and acceleration. The steering wheel turns with a pretty deadly looking chain and sprocket system.

Foster can control the car remotely from close range or even sit in the back and play the ultimate backseat driver. The whole setup is ridiculously impressive. If you are inspired to do your own you’ll need to train your skills in hunting for treasure at your local junkyard. Most regional areas have a tip or wreckers that piles used vehicles and machinery that allows customers to come and take what they find for a small fee. Depending on the rules of the site, this can be a flat fee for whatever you find or a negotiated price depending on what you want to take.