Bamboo Water Fountain Gives Life to Tiny 'Village'

These tiny people fish, cut wood or ride a bike as water powers them.
Derya Ozdemir

Water fountains: Whether you like them or not, it is almost impossible to deny that they provide an immense feeling of relaxation whenever they are around. Arguably, watching one built can be even more relaxing if you tend to love the DIY part more. This video by the YouTube channel DIY-Craft Master has both.

This bamboo water fountain is not like the other ones though. The bamboo figurines bob their heads and do activities such as pedaling their bicycles or fishing as the water powers them, providing an entertaining look while adding to that chill aura.

Moreover, if you're interested in adding a soothing fountain to your backyard, this video could serve as a guide, too. With great expertise, the DIY-Craft Master takes you through the process of cutting bamboos, attaching them together, and setting up the mechanism in a simple and elegant way. If you like DIY projects, you definitely won't be disappointed, and if you want to learn about what other things you can do with bamboo, we've got you covered.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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