Battleship: It Is Time to Finally Learn How Aircraft Carriers Actually Work

Aircraft carriers are so large, they are often referred to as cities at sea. How much do you know about these mighty ships?
Donovan Alexander

Aircraft carriers are the man-made behemoths of the sea. The massive vessels are a staple of military culture and are equally a symbol of military power, and for good reason too. In short, an aircraft carrier is a warship that has a host of purposes.

As mentioned in the Youtube video above created by Wendover Productions, the massive warship serves as a seagoing airbase and is equipped with a full-length flight deck for tactical air force missions and exercises.

However, the features on these mighty military vessels do not end there. Aircraft carriers are even equipped with facilities for carrying, arming, deploying, and recovering aircraft. However, do you know how these beasts function?

The narrator in the video breaks down the purpose of having an aircraft carrier, all the ships that exist across the globe and of course what is needed to operate such a large engineering feat.

If you were always blown away by the power of an aircraft carrier, was a fan of Battleship, or simply love a Saturday of random but helpful facts, be sure to check out the Wendover Productions video above.

Wendover Productions is a great place to learn about how certain things work in the world. Whether its travel, economics, geography or marketing, this Youtube channel has got it all.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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