Be Swayed by a Waltz as This Tesla Merges in Traffic on Autopilot

Impressively, this Tesla swerves seamlessly in and out of traffic without any driver assistance.
Fabienne Lang

Imagine if you could be in your car, sitting back, listening to your favorite waltz music, and letting the car do all the driving for you? That's what's going on in this video. 

This Tesla smoothly navigates its way through traffic on a highway, and there's no sign of the driver's hands on the steering wheel. All there is to see is a clear view of the road ahead, the cars in front and to the sides of the Tesla, and the speedometer. 

The Tesla is on autopilot

In a fun viewing and listening experience, the car moves to the tunes of Johann Strauss II's The Blue Danube. You'll be moved literally and figuratively as you listen to and watch this video.

The future of autonomous cars is nearer than ever with autopilot vehicles already taking the helm and leading the way to experiences such as these.

The Tesla in this video is operating very safely, judging distances and speed perfectly, and if all we have to do is listen and watch, then that's a ride we're willing to take!

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