Watch This Complete Beginner Turn into a Pianist with 500 Hours of Piano Practice

Jessica Miley

You might have heard that 10,000 hours of practice will make you become outstanding in any field. An idea which seems both like an exciting possibility and totally daunting. You can get a glimpse of this idea in action with this video by Jordan Nexhip who filmed his piano practice every day for 18 months from a beginner to a pretty awesome pianist.

Nexhip attempts to play the piano in a ‘diary/journal-like format’ where he also recorded his thoughts and feeling on playing. In his video description, he mentions that the beginning was difficult, but once he began to get some skills and the ability to experiment he could really enjoy himself. The video is a very inspiring and sweet watch, especially as he gets more energetic and his wobbly keyboard stand takes on a life of its own.

The notion of the 10,000 hours became popular because of pop psychologist Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outlier’s. But a recent study shows a different outcome, that deliberate practice accounted for just a 12% difference in performance. The study from Princeton shows that practice only becomes a predictor of success in games or activities with very strict rules such as chess or tennis. In less stable activities like business or rock n roll, there is no proof deliberate practice will dramatically increase performance. But if Jordan Nexhip is anything to go by, it doesn’t hurt to sit down and get stuck in.