Bill Gates Explains How We Must Respond to the COVID-19

The billionaire philanthropist predicted the pandemic several years ago. Now, he shares his views on the current situation.
Loukia Papadopoulos

In this TED talks interview, philanthropist billionaire Bill Gates discusses his expert views on COVID-19. He shares why he predicted a few years ago that a global pandemic would hit the world.

Gates explains that the real danger in COVID- 19 is that it is infectious before symptoms have started. He calls these types of viruses worst-case scenarios.

"Ebola, you're actually flat on your back before you're very infectious so you're not at church or on a bus or at a store. With most respiratory viruses like the flu at first, you only feel a little bit of a fever and a little bit sick. So there's the possibility you're going about your normal activities and infecting other people. Human to human transmissible respiratory viruses that in the early stage aren't stopping you from doing things, that's kind of a worst-case," says the Microsoft co-founder.

He goes on to say that people move around more now, making for more worldwide victims. Gates also says that he understood the virus would be very difficult to contain back in January when he heard that it was human to human transmissible.

Finally, the entrepreneur shares what was happening behind the scenes during that period. The interview is a must-see not only for Bill Gates fans but for everyone who is concerned about COVID-19.

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