Biohacking Explained via a Kick-Ass Animation

Understand what the future of synthetic biology holds for cancer treatment.
Jessica Miley

You are a 4 billion-year-old meat robot. Well, that’s the scenario according to Greg Foot in this mind-blowing animation of TED-ED that explains how to biohack your cells to fight cancer. Foot and his talented team have created a must-watch piece of content that easily and delightfully explains the concepts of evolution, illness, and cancer with ease.

It then goes down the rather exciting path of biohacking. For those following along at home, the term biohacking is a pretty broad term, but in this case, refers to fiddling with your own genetic code. Those fiddling with the code, synthetic biologists who are on a path to rewrite human genetic code and ‘fix the unfixable’ aka cancer.

Synthetic biologists fighting cancer from the inside

According to Foot, these rebel biologists are reprogramming their own immune system to fight illness in all its forms. Styled like a retro-futuristic sci-fi animation, the video uses easy to understand analogies to explain complex biological terms and process.

It explains how cancer forms and why our body is so bad at fighting it. The video then goes into detail about the future of cancer treatments that use DNA printers to help patients fight their cancer from the inside out. 

This is a must see video for anybody with an interest in biology, science or just cool graphics and very clever writing. Who knew learning could be so much fun?

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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