A DIY YouTuber built the best April Fools device ever. That was never invented?

This engineering in-joke has a long and funny history.

The Turbo Encabulator is basically the most complicated device that was never invented: For more than 70 years, this engineering inside joke has persisted, affected culture, and remained funny for generations of engineers.

After the British Institution of Electrical Engineers published it in their Students' Quarterly Journal in 1944, this imaginary electromechanical machine with a satirical description became a popular in-joke among engineers. There is even technical documentation for the non-existent machine, as well as a series of spoof marketing videos.

AlphaPhoenix, a YouTuber, explains in this video that he has actually managed to develop a Turbo Encabulator. He apparently wanted to create one ever since he saw a demonstration while on a high school robotics team. He describes the fantastic engineering he accomplished in a clear manner, so watch the video posted above if you want to learn more. And, as usual, have fun!

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