YouTuber makes a bladeless jet engine out of a Dyson fan

Could you imagine such a device?
Loukia Papadopoulos

It's a well-known fact that a jet engine needs blades. Or does it?

In this video, YouTuber Integza invents a bladeless jet engine using a Dyson fan. In fact, the fan he uses is so bladeless that it actually looks like a lamp.

A Dyson fan, invented by Sir James Dyson in 2009, uses something called the Coanda Effect to put out up to 15 times more air than a regular fan. But can it be engineered to build a jet engine? Integza seems to think so and he sets out to prove it. "A jet engine is basically a fan on steroids," said the YouTuber. "So I was thinking to myself would this concept work as a jet engine?"

This idea is not entirely new. Others have tried their hand at it before. But it still seemed like a paradox to the YouTuber.

So, does Integza succeed at building a bladeless jet engine? What parts does he use for his ambitious project? What does he do with the engine? Does he attach it to a vehicle or does he just make it to prove it can exist? This video answers all these questions and brings you footage of the bladeless jet engine in action.

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