BMW i Vision Dee: The Color-Changing, Intelligent Companion Car

The first phygital electronic sedan with 32 color options and communication with its driver in CES 2023.
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Color definitely never fails to bring life to almost anything. From the little things to huge structures, having a bit of color is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Some even use color to create a statement or a personality, as the color itself can become a symbol with different meanings and interpretations.

In relation to this, BMW features a color-changing vehicle at the 2023 CES. Although the concept of having a color-changing vehicle has been present before, the options of colors to choose from are usually limited. The BMW iVision Dee presents a color-changing vehicle with 32 color options.

Think about being able to match your style and outfit with your car!

During the 2023 Consumer Electronic Show, Interesting Engineering got a chance to speak with Dr. Stella Clarke, the project leader behind BMW’s color-changing vehicle prototype. During the mini-interview, Dr. Clarke revealed that this project was actually very fresh and the team behind it remains to be optimistic in facing the challenges that may come along the way in the development of the prototype.

The BMW iVision Dee’s color-changing aspect was brought to life by employing electronic ink technology or simply known as E-ink. The prototype presented showed the BMW model to have vibrant colors that can be switched almost immediately. The colors can change the look of the whole vehicle exterior but can also display several colors at once in different patterns as well.

The full E-ink technology in the vehicle will definitely bring color and character to the next-generation of BMW cars that will soon have this feature. This digitalization would allow vehicles to become an intelligent companion, creating an interaction between the owner and the vehicle.

This fusion of physical and digital elements is referred to by BMW as “Phydigital.” The feature will allow BMW vehicles to become more personal to their owner and enables both the vehicle and the owner to express themselves in a similar manner.

Of course, it will definitely be cool to have a vehicle that can change into different colors and patterns.

The concept of a color-changing vehicle presented by the BMW iVision Dee will definitely be something to look out for in the future. With the project being relatively new, there is room for more changes and developments to the prototype presented in the show. Just think of all the possibilities an owner can do to express and communicate using the digitalized and color-changing features of the vehicle once available.

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