Bored Guy Builds 13-Foot Tall Roller Coaster in His Apartment Amid Quarantine

Here is what happens when a very imaginative and crafty guy has too much free time in his hands.

At this point in the quarantine, we can all probably agree on the fact that there are two types of people: those who spent their time in lockdown doing absolutely nothing, and those who were so productive that it makes you question what would happen if they were at home all the time.

One YouTube user has used their free time amid the quarantine to channel all their energy into building a 13-foot tall "Knex Roller Coaster" in their apartment and it's an absolute joy to look at.  

This video will make you question how one person can make this much engineering and manufacturing by themselves, and apart from the impressive engineering, it is incredibly nice to look at with its lights that shine in the dark. 

It must have surely taken a lot of time to build this thing and we can only present our compliments for the impressive project. Make sure to tune in for some pretty great roller coaster action!

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