Bosch’s Autonomous IoT Shuttle: a Vision for the Future of Mobility

The concept vehicle incorporates Bosch's most advanced technology such as high-tech camera systems that detect chewing gum and coffee spills.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Bosch's Internet of Things (IoT) concept shuttle incorporates a number of the firm's most advanced technologies and provides a future look into how electric driverless vehicles could convey passengers in the not too distant future. The concept vehicle comes complete with interactive screens for every passenger and that's just the beginning.

Bosch's IoT shuttle features high-tech camera systems that will make sure no passengers forget their belongings, stick chewing gum under the seat, or leave spilled coffee unattended. It has a keyless entry system for passengers to use to get on and off the suttle.

A map-based localization software tracks the shuttle's precise location at all times and the shuttle is also equipped with braking control systems and power steering components. Its inside is created to maximize interior space while large side windows ensure passengers have the best possible views. Meanwhile, the screens inside the shuttle can be viewed individually or shared among passengers, making for a more pleasant entertaining ride.

"IoT shuttle also includes a complete ecosystem of networked mobility services, such as reservation and sharing platforms for consumers as well as solutions for car manufacturers and mobility service providers who wish to use autonomous shuttles to offer on-demand mobility," reads Bosch's website.

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