Bosstown Dynamics New Robot Will Take over Law Enforcement

This short parody video will either have you wincing or laughing.

Ever wanted to watch life-sized robots harassed by humans and still not shoot them with live ammunition? Now's your chance. 

This entertaining parody video made by Corridor re-enacts Boston Dynamics' robot promotional videos in a hilarious, yet seat-clenching manner. 

In the short film, you'll see a man-sized fighting robot that is trained, seemingly, not to shoot humans. It'll only ever target inanimate objects, and the Corridor crew certainly put that to the test. 

As the robot holds guns with live ammunition, at the ready to shoot its target, the crew push, shove and kick the robot with anything from spades, to the soles of their boots. As the robot flails and sometimes falls, it remains on target and hits the bullseye each time. 

Funnily, you watch the robot become more and more irritated with its oppressors, yet as it's clearly programmed not to shoot human forms, it simply turns around and shoots at its inanimate target. 

To truly put the fighter robot to the test, Corridor's men stand immobile next to targets, perfectly matching them in size and outfit. As you watch the robot hold the gun, moving from the human to the target, your heart starts to beat faster in your chest, worried that it'll miscalculate and shoot the wrong target. 

The ending is hilarious and certainly worth the watch. See for yourselves!

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