Boston Dynamics Shows off All Cool Things the Robot Dog Spot Can Do

The now-commercially available robot dog has a lot of tricks up its paws.
Derya Ozdemir

Previously we had reported that Boston Dynamics had put their robot pup on sale for $74,500, and now, the firm has released an advertisement called "With you, Spot can" that shows all the cool stuff Spot can do as they begin the public sales.

The video shows the cute yellow robot climbing stairs on all fours and running through rough terrain with expertize, making you ask "With me, can it go to the Moon? Can it wash my laundry, do the dishes, sweep the floor, and take out the garbage?"

For $74,500, which you can also buy a Tesla Model S with, it better can. The media had been following Spot since it was a cute puppy, and now, it is incredible to see how it has progressed and evolved, becoming commercially available in the end. Surreal! 

We can't wait for the $100 Spot that might be available in 50 years when the trend catches on and prices drop. Hopefully, one that is big enough to ride on will be available too... 

In the meantime, you can buy your own Spot from Boston Dynamics' website. We are not sure if it comes with a leash, but it definitely guarantees 100% robot cuteness on the side of the creepy thought of "Is this the start of the robot apocalypse?"

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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