Brad Pitt Has a Conversation with Astronaut Nick Hague Aboard the ISS

Listen to a fascinating talk with astronaut Nick Hague to learn more about how astronauts live in space.

On Monday, actor Brad Pitt had a chat with NASA astronaut Nick Hague who was up in the International Space Station (ISS).

As Pitt plays an astronaut in his latest movie Ad Astra, this conversation comes at an interesting moment for the actor who asks questions such as "How was our Zero-G?" (depicted in the movie), as he was keen to find out the truth from someone who knows how it actually works.

As NASA prepares to send its first woman and man to the Moon in 2024 on its next mission, Artemis, the chat covers a range of topics.

In a fun manner, Pitt asks questions such as "How do you gauge your waking hours if you go through 16 sunsets and sunrises in a day?" — a question we're all keen to hear the answer to! We'll give you a clue: lighting in the ISS plays a big part in helping astronauts stick to a circadian cycle. 

The casual video conversation conveys interesting information about how the ISS astronauts operate on a daily basis. For example, you find out that the entire ISS crew work a 12-hour workday, from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, and all stick to the same sleep schedule. Hague highlights just how closely the international team has to cooperate and work together. Hague is due to return to Earth in October, having completed 180 days up in space!

According to Hague, every single day is full of some new science experiments and the team learns so much in order to push forward with their future missions and the future of space exploration. 

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