Build a Budget Roller Coaster in Your Backyard for Less Than $500

A retired aerospace engineer released a step-by-step guide to build a backyard roller coaster.

Regardless of whether you love or hate getting on one, it is impossible not to feel amazed by the sheer engineering of roller coasters. These scary-yet-fun attractions are most generally and quite literally the peak of all amusement parks; however, without the work of an engineer, they would quickly turn into the nightmare most fear them to be.

This video by YouTube channel NightHawkInLight will take you on a deep dive into what it takes to become a roller coaster engineer and, ultimately, design a backyard roller coaster. The whole thing is based on a day he spent learning about backyard roller coasters with Pual Gregg, a retired aerospace engineer. He explains in the description box that Gregg's roller coasters, which are built with materials available at all hardware stores, are designed and tested to the same standards as airplanes. In order to make backyard roller coasters accessible to everyone, this video serves as a guide that'll take you through each step. 

Interested? If you're curious as to learn how you can design roller coasters as a full-time job, you need to know which engineering degree you'll need to have first.

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