Here's how to build a miniature refrigerator with basic materials

This little fridge works like a charm.
Christopher McFadden

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Litte desk fridges are always a great gift for your tech-savvy pal, but, as everyone knows, making your own is more-the-sweeter. Find out how to do just that with this handy guide. 

diy mini fridge complete
Source: The Wrench/YouTube

As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

Materials and gear needed

With all your gear in hand, it is time to get on with this great little build.

Step 1: Prepare the main electronics

The first step is to take your refrigerator production kit and prepare the wiring ready for the build. Twist together all the positive wires and negative wires into two main bundles of wires as needed. 

With that done, twist the main lengths of the wires together to make a larger, braid-like, bundle of wires too. 

diy mini fridge main kit
Source: The Wrench/YouTube

With that done, take your DC socket, and solder the main bundles of wires from the refrigerator kit to the terminals of the socket as shown. 

Step 2: Make the main shell for the refrigerator

Next, take your cardboard and sketch out the shapes of the main fridge boxing. Cut out the shapes as required using either a pair of scissors or a modeling knife. 

With that done, take the "Christmas cracker" shaped piece of cardboard and glue this into place to the bottom of the refrigerator unit. 

diy mini fridge cardboard
Source: The Wrench/YouTube

With that done, cut out two pieces of cardboard 7 and 31/64 inches (190mm) by 3 and 15/16 inches (100mm). Take one of the pieces of cardboard, and glue the main refrigerator unit to its center. 

Next, cut out another rectangle of cardboard 7  and 61/64 inches (202mm) by 12 and 1/64 inches (305 mm). Glue this piece to the "rear" of the base piece of cardboard to form the back of the mini-fridge. 

diy mini fridge back
Source: The Wrench/YouTube

Next, cut out two more rectangles of cardboard 2 and 1/64 inches by 3 and 15/16 inches. Trace out a circle to one end of each of the lengths of cardboard roughly the diameter of the inner dimensions of a sellotape roll. 

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Cut out the circles using a modeling knife, and then glue these pieces to the sides of the main fridge unit. 

diy mini fridge circle
Source: The Wrench/YouTube

Step 3: Continue building the main fridge boxing

Next, cut out another rectangle of cardboard to fit the inner dimensions of the main shell of the refrigerator. This will form an internal shelf for the fridge. 

Place it into position above the main refrigerator unit as shown below. Once in position, trace out the shape of the topmost fan of the refrigerator unit below.

diy mini fridge shelf
Source: The Wrench/YouTube

With that done, remove the shelf and cut out the shape you marked to allow the fan to penetrate the shelf. Next, take the socket from the refrigerator unit, and cut out a circle to allow you to insert the socket through the rear panel of the fridge. 

With that done, reinstall the shelf, and secure it into place above the main refrigerator unit. 

diy mini fridge mid build
Source: The Wrench/YouTube

Step 4: Complete the fridge

Next, take some styrofoam and cut out a series of blocks of it to the dimensions of the upper compartment of the fridge. Glue these into position on the inner surfaces s needed. 

With that complete, trace and cut out some more rectangles of cardboard to make closer plates for the front of the fridge and top of the fridge. 

Glue these into position as needed. 

diy mini fridge closer plates
Source: The Wrench/YouTube

Next, take your acrylic sheet and cut out a rectangle of 5 and 25/32 inches by 7 and 61/64 inches. Then cut out some strips of foam as shown in the video too. 

Glue the foam around the outside perimeter of one side of the sheet, and then add some trimming to the other side of the sheet to make a border to hide the foam. 

diy mini fridge door
Source: The Wrench/YouTube

With that done, cut out some slots in the insulation of the fridge, and glue in your magnets as needed. Add some other magnets to one side of the fridge door.

With that done, secure the door into position on the main fridge using your hinges. Once done, you can then add some decals and other details to your mini-fridge, but it is now essentially complete. 

Now all you need to do is plug in your little fridge, decide now what you want to chill, and use your mini-fridge for real. 

If you enjoyed this build, you might enjoy making another little handy gadget? How about, for example, your own wooden robotic arm?

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