Build Your Own Darth Vader-Shaped BBQ With Scraps of Metal

Turn that scrap metal into something cool, like a Darth Vader BBQ.
Christopher McFadden

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Need a new barbeque? Love all things Star Wars? Then this Darth Vader-themed scrap-metal barbeque is everything you've ever dreamed of.

Follow this simple guide to find out how you can build one of your own. 

vader bbq complete
Source: Rust is Gold/YouTube

As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

The best picks that will help you do the job

With all your gear in hand, it is now time to actually get stuck in.

Step 1: Prepare the main body of the BBQ

The first step is to take your old expansion vessel. Remove feet and other fixtures from the outside and then burn off the paint to expose the bare metal. 

vader bbq design
Source: Rust is Gold/YouTube

Once done, mark out the main design of Vader's mask on the cylinder and cut as needed. With that done, create some legs from more scrap metal and weld them to the base.

Then add an axle and wheels to the front two legs. 

With more scrap metal, make the main grill for Vader's mask and weld it in place on the main BBQ as needed. Next, mark and cut out a section around the front grill to create an access panel for the BBQ. 

vader bbq details
Source: Rust is Gold/YouTube

Hinge the join as needed. With that done, add more details to Vader's face like the "nose" guard, mask cheeks, etc. 

Step 2: Complete the main design

Next, take your old hot water cylinder, strip off the insulation, and cut off the top and bottom removing the heating elements within. Cut the remaining cylinder in two, mark out and cut out the shape of Vader's rear neck guard. 

vader mask bbq neck guard
Source: Rust is Gold/YouTube

Weld and rivet this into place to the rear of the helmet as needed. 

For other details, like the brow and main helmet crest, mock the design using cardboard. Transfer the designs to some scrap metal sheets and cut them out as needed. 

Weld them into place on the main helmet as needed. With that done, design, build, and weld into place, the top handle for the BBQ "lid".

vader bbq carry handle
Source: Rust is Gold/YouTube

Also, make another carrying handle to install on the back of the main neck guard. 

With the outside design basically finished, we can now finish the interior. Cut the top of the helmet off completely to make the "lid" of the BBQ. then add some reinforcement rings for the main body and lid. 

Add some mesh to the rear of the main mask grill and eye sockets, and create a shelf to weld between the legs. Next design and build a flue for the top of the BBQ lid as needed and install. 

Step 3: Paint the piece

With the main design now complete, we can finish the aesthetics of the BBQ. Grab some heatproof black paint, and paint the piece inside and out.

Make sure you disassemble the main parts of the BBQ first. 

vader bbq paint
Source: Rust is Gold/YouTube

Either using a roller or paint by hand. Leave all pieces to fully dry.

Once dry, reassemble the BBQ as needed. With that done, either use an existing grill or create a new one for the top of the BBQ.

vader bbq grill
Source: Rust is Gold/YouTube

This will rest on a series of bolts driven from the outside-in. 

With that, your Darth Vader-themed BBQ is finally complete. Add some fuel, fire it up, and get BBQing!

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