Build Your Own Miniature Soccer Pitch Using RC Vehicles

Do something useful with your RC vehicle fleet by building your own soccer pitch.
Christopher McFadden

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If you have some spare time on your hands, and a few RC construction vehicles to hand, you might want to put them to work building a mini soccer stadium? If that sounds of interest, then follow this quick guide to find out how.

diy stadium complete
Source: Construction General/YouTube

As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

Materials and gear needed

  • Turf or astroturf
  • Lengths of wood
  • White paint
  • Scrap parts for goals, flags, and floodlights


With all your gear in hand, it is time to get on with this great little build. 

Step 1: Break ground

The first step is to find a suitable location for your new miniature stadium. Once selected, either excavate by hand or (for added realism) use a set of miniature RC vehicles, the area in preparation for the construction.

diy mini stadium rc vehicles
Source: Construction General/YouTube

You need to level off the area in question in preparation for laying the pitch for the stadium. If you are in something of a hurry, it will probably be easier to just do it using hand tools. 

Be sure to remove any large stones or rocks as you go too. You want the remaining soil to be as fine-grained and large-chunk-free as possible. 

Dispose of the waste soil, rocks, etc, away from the site - obviously. 

Once done, fire up your mini RC roller, and flatten down the surface as much as possible. If the RC vehicle isn't heavy enough, you may need to use a hand-driven human-sized roller to help out. 

diy mini stadium rc roller
Source: Construction General/YouTube

 Step 2: Lay the turf

With the ground well and truly level, you can now move on to laying the grass turf for the stadium. Grab your turf and cut it down to size to fit both the pitch and, of course, your mini-RC dumper trucks. 

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Wrap into small rolls and load onto your RC dumper trucks, as needed. Once ready, you can begin to ferry each length of turf to the stadium site. Dump each piece onto the stadium location, and unroll as needed. 

diy mini stadium lay turf
Source: Construction General/YouTube

Continue to ferry in, dump, and lay the turf as needed to fill the entire stadium pitch as required. Trim down the edges of the pitch where needed too.

Step 3: Add the pitch markings

With the pitch laid, we can now add the markings to the pitch ready for it, in theory, to be used by tiny people. 

Grab some lengths of straight timber and your paint. First, paint the boundary markings by laying your lengths of wood around the outside border of the pitch.

Then, using a small brush, paint the boundary marking by carefully tracing the inside edges of the timber. 

diy mini stadium pitch markings
Source: Construction General/YouTube

With the boundary complete, lay a piece of wood widthways across the middle of the pitch, and paint another line to mark the halfway line. 

With that done, take a donut-shaped template, and mark out the center circle. Use the same template to add the corner markings. Next, plot out and trace the "6-yard" box, penalty area, center spot, penalty spot, etc, as needed. 

diy stadium pitch markings complete
Source: Construction General/YouTube

Step 4: Add the goals and complete the pitch

With the pitch now basically ready, we can add the final flourishes to it. Either source scale-model goals, or build your own from scrap parts, and ferry them to the pitch by hand or using your RC dumper trucks. 

Place on the pitch, and secure in place if required. Next, make or source corner flags, and plant these in place on the pitch as needed too. 

diy mini stadium goals
Source: Construction General/YouTube

With that done, you can then build and install a set of small floodlights to the pitch too. You can, of course, skip this step if you don't want them. 

If you have previously built a small hydro dam near the pitch, you can also wire up the floodlights to that too! If, on the other hand, you haven't, you might want to consider building one of those too?

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