Build Your Own Power Hammer with This Simple Guide

You too can make your own power hammer with this handy guide.
Christopher McFadden

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If you have a need for your own miniature power hammer, then you might want to consider making one rather than buying one.

You'll need a pile of old scrap metal parts and some time, but the build isn't too tiring. 

Read on to find out more.

diy power hammer complete
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

As you can imagine, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started.

Materials and gear needed

Step 1: Build the frame for the hammer

The first step is to take your angle bar and mock up the frame for the hammer. Lay them down on a table and clamp them into place as needed.

Add another small length of angle bar to form a cap, and weld the frame together. 

diy power hammer frame
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

Keep adding pieces of angle bar to make an A frame as shown. Rinse and repeat to make a second, equally-sized a-frame too.

Position the two A frames next to one another, and weld them together with some more lengths of angle bar. With that done, take even more lengths of angle bar to make the main base for the frame, and weld that to the a-frame assembly.

diy power hammer frame complete
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

Step 2: Make the pulley assembly

Next, take your steel plate and cut out a 10-inch diameter disk. Core a hole in the very center of the plate and another hole just off-center, as shown in the video. 

With that done, take your pillow bearings and your steel rod. Thread the rod through the bearings to make an axle. 

Take your disk, and weld it into place at one end of the rod. 

diy power hammer disk
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

With that done, take your 3/4 inch rod and weld it into place on the other hole of the disk. Next, thread your pulley onto the main shaft of the disk between the pillow bearings. 

Take the assembly and secure it into place at the top of the a-frames, and add a length of the rubber timing belt to the pulley too.

With that done, cut the other pieces needed out of the steel plate as shown in the video. Clean up the part using a belt sander and boreholes through them as shown. 

diy power hammer assembly
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

Build the other parts as needed for the main sprung hammer assembly as also shown in the video too. Once done, attach it to the side of the frame as shown using suitably-sized pillow bearings. 

Step 3: Add the motor

With the main hammer assembly built and installed, take your induction motor and mount it to the frame as shown. 

diy power hammer motor
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

Connect the timing belt from the top pulley to the motor. With that done, create the pedal mechanism and attach it to the frame and sprung motor mount.

Next, make the end cap or the hammer and fix it into place as shown. With that done, cut and weld more pieces of steel plate to make the main anvil for the power hammer. 

diy power hammer anvil
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

Place the anvil below the power hammerhead.  

Next, cut a semi-circle of the steel plate and secure it to the main hammer disk to act as a counterweight. Bolt or weld it into place. 

With that, your power hammer is basically complete. Now you can put the machine somewhere in your workshop, and find some things that need to be power hammered!

Happy days.

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