Build Your Very Own Simple Greenhouse under $200

This video provides easy to follow instructions on how you can make a simple greenhouse, keeping costs low and time to a minimum.

In this short and sweet video, you'll learn how to construct your own greenhouse from scratch. It can also all be done in the space of one day, weather and time permitting.

Greenhouses are wonderful and useful, especially for growing vegetables, flowers, or herbs that require a lot of sunlight and specific climatic conditions.

All you'll need to add to your shopping cart is wood (three-meter in length according to the instructional video), enough for an eight-piece triangular head-height wooden base structure, screws, a power drill, a ground tarp, and a transparent or see-through polytunnel cover. 

We won't give it all away, but you start off by building the wooden triangular structure, this is a two-man job so make sure to have a partner for this one.

In the video, they base the greenhouse on eight triangular wooden structures that hold the entire greenhouse together, all connected by a wooden base rail. 

You can create the greenhouse to be as big or as small as you wish. This is the beauty of this DIY video, you learn all about the fundamental basic structure which you can then build upon entirely up to your imagination. 

The best part? It all costs under $200 in total. 

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