Engineer Tries to Build 'Bottle Helicopter' with 3D-Printed Parts

Engineering an helicopter is hard, but the fun and the learning process makes up for it.

You know it's going to be a good video when the engineer starts it by saying "I've been working on this project for about eight weeks now, and it's not going to work." In this video by Tom Stanton, who graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering, but got sidetracked by the "endless possibilities" of 3D printers and opted to YouTube instead, you can watch to learn how you can try to build a bottle helicopter by an engineer who doesn't shy away from "impossible projects."

He states that he hopes he can put together some of the parts to "make something that sort of does something", and to be frank, that's all engineering is which makes the video all more entertaining and informative. It is pretty cool to be able to track the thinking and process an engineer goes through to solve the affronted problems.

Moreover, in today's world where only successes are celebrated on social media, this video, which is full of failures (and learning) as well as successes, is a fresh breath of air. Enjoy!

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