Building a Functioning Generator From an RC Nitro Engine

Don't throw away that old RC nitro engine!
Loukia Papadopoulos

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What would you do with an old RC nitro engine? Throw it away? Repurpose it? What if we told you could build a functioning generator with it?

All it requires is the right tools, the know-how of engines and a little creativity. Begin by removing all superfluous parts from the engine until it's just at its basic parts. Then, make sure to have those parts all clean and neat by using a toothbrush to clean them

Once that's done you can proceed to put the parts back on. Test the engine's middle knob to make sure it conducts electricity by using a battery. Then, take a large rectangular wood panel and screw the engine on it.

Next, attach to the engine a DC 550 motor with 12000 RPM and 60 watts. Stabilize the motor onto the wood panel using two pieces of wood and glue. Now, you are ready to test your new generator using a small light bulb to see if the generator really produces a current.

Listen to it purr as it runs. Can you believe you made that yourself? Now, you can use it to charge that phone that keeps running out of battery!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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