Building a Giant F-18 Plane with Foam, Paper, and a Real Jet Turbine

But the real question is: Will it actually fly?
Derya Ozdemir

After being asked to build an F-18 plane by his followers for the longest time, YouTuber PeterSripol decided to deliver their request in a way they would least expect: using only foam, paper, and a real jet turbine.

Foam and a real jet turbine: You might be thinking this duo wouldn't work together in a million years. Well, your concern is not for naught since PeterSripol was concerned about the same thing while taking on the project. In the video sponsored by the U.S. Navy, PeterSripol explains how the Navy hooked him up with an aviation machinist who gave him tips and points on how to get the engine into the foam jet without setting the whole thing on fire.

He details the process of making the design come to life and the part of the project which kept him on his toes was the question of whether the plane would actually fly. You can get an answer to that question by watching the video! 

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