Building a Pipe Bending Machine Using Scrap Metal Parts

Put your scrap metals to use with this ingenious project.
Christopher McFadden

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If one of our other pipe bending machine projects didn't pack enough punch for you, then this one certainly will. 

Follow this simple guide to turn scrap metal into a powerful pipe bending machine. 

Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

Like any project of this nature, you'll need some tools and materials before you get started. 

Materials and gear needed

With all the tools and materials in hand, it is time to get started with this epic build.

Step 1: Make the frame

The first step is to take your L-shape steel and lay it out to make the frame. Once happy with the shape, weld the pieces together as needed. 

Continue building up the frame as shown in the video. 

pipe bending machine frame
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

With that done, take your scrap metal plates and cylindrical hinges and weld them together as shown in the video too. 

pipe bending machine hinge
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

Weld the hinge assembly to the top of the frame as shown. Next, weld your metal bushing to one end of the hinge too.

Step 2: Add the drive chain and motor

With the frame more or less complete now, we can move on to making the machine actually work. Take your hydraulic bottle jack and disassemble to remove the main screw.

Place the screw in your lathe and machine as shown in the video. Next, attach and weld a metal knuckle joint to the end of the screw. Rebuild the bottle jack and attach it to the frame as shown in the video. 

diy pipe bending machine jack
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

With that done, connect the jack to the main hinge of the machine. Test the jack using its handle to ensure the main hinge elevates and depresses on command. 

Next, take your geared motor and mount it to the rear of the frame as shown. Ensure one axle is exposed outside of the frame and attach your sprocket. 

diy pipe bending machine shaft
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

Next, take your shafting, weld an end plate to one end, and insert the shaft into your bearings. Test the rotation and adjust as needed. 

Weld the bearings to a pair of mounting plates as shown in the video. With that done, attach a larger sprocket to the endplate. 

Next, place the shaft and sprocket assembly above the main motor, connect the two sprockets using a drive chain, and weld the mounting plates into place. 

pipe bending machine drive chain
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

Wire up the motor and test the drive chain. Adjust as needed.

Step 3: Finish the machine

Next, take your pillow bearings and mount them to the rear of the frame above the motor. Add another pair to the end of the moveable plate too. 

These will be used as the rollers for the pipe bending machine. Add a pair of suitably sized lengths of metal shafts to each pair of pillow bearings. 

With that done, bend some thin metal sheets to build housing for the drive chain and install as needed. 

pipe bending machine housing
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

With that done, you then add the final touches to the machine. Either clean up and polish the metal components or paint them as desired. 

Once happy, your DIY pipe bending machine is now complete. Now all you need to do is give the thing a test run. 

If you enjoyed this pipe bending machine project, would you be interested in building a bigger, bolder one?

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