YouTuber Builds the 'Blackest' Place on Earth

This 'black hole box' is what pure nothingness looks like.

Some months ago, YouTube channel The Action Lab painted a room with the world's blackest paint to see what would happen when he turned the lights on. He compared the experience to what being in space must be like. And now, taking darkness to another level, YouTuber Kyle Hill builds the "blackest place" in the known universe, and it is "blacker than the blackest black times infinity" as he calls it.

Starting from what makes something black, Kyle goes through the science of color, and then, with the help of a company called Horizon Black which apparently makes the blackest objects on the market, he tries to build what he thinks will technically be one of the darkest places in the known universe. Then, he and some of his friends, including the popular science channel Veritasium's Derek Muller, test out the final product and take the viewer into a journey where you can see what pure nothingness looks like. 

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