Watch a bullet shooting through an egg at one million frames per second

Do you like your eggs shot in slow motion?
Derya Ozdemir

Let's be honest: Everything looks better in slow motion. Filming something in slow motion adds a dramatic flare that would be really hard to replicate otherwise. And suppose you're a fan of slow-motion videos. In that case, you definitely know the YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys, created by Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, which features anything from exploding water balloons and lightning strikes in slow motion to sneezes.

Gav and Dan recorded an egg being shot with bullets in slow motion using a Phantom TMX 7510 camera in their latest video. They cranked the frame rate all the way up to one million frames per second, which made for some pretty amazing shots. You'll probably be captivated by the shockwaves and the spin on the bullet, which are both really interesting to see.