This Burger Flipping Robot Could Revolutionize the Fast Food Industry

Shelby Rogers

A new robotics system called Flippy could be the newest addition to your local fast food joint. This single-arm robot is clearly task-specific, but it's incredibly smart.

Flippy includes an AI program to track the cook times of the objects on the grill in front of it. When it's time to flip, Flippy's claw will envelop the burger, scoop it up and turn it over with an articulated wrist.

Flippy can be installed in just five minutes, according to its makers at Miso Robotics. Sensors and cameras allow Flippy to "see" in collaboration with the AI.

Think Flippy will be a flop? This robot already found a job in 50 Caliburger locations. Don't worry, Caliburger sandwiches are still assembled by human hands - for now, anyway.