Burn Away the Winter Blues With This Homemade Plasma Gun

Make your own popping plasma gun using plastic tubing and propane gas. Follow these great video tutorials to help you get started.
Jessica Miley

If you are looking for a project to help you through winter, nothing could be cooler than making a homemade plasma gun. There are tons of videos out there on how to make your own gun at home. But before you head down a rabbit hole of YouTube, take note that propane used in these experiments can be dangerous when used in confined spaces. Please do not try any sort of experiment or construction without adequate safety equipment or supervision. If you aren’t ready to dive into backyard propane experiments yet, the plethora of other videos will still entertain you.

MAPP gas is a product that contains a stabilized mixture of methylacetylene (propyne) and propadiene which gives this plasma popper a great green-blue glow. All the builds you’ll find online require very simple materials, just plastic tubing, your fuel of choice and soda bottles. The final design is only limited by your imagination, you can go to extraordinary lengths and wrap tubing around into tight spirals or keep it simple. These cool guns work when the gas is triggered causing the gas and fresh air to be injected into the vinyl tubing, the gas is ignited at one end but then pushes forward to ignite the fuel in front of it until it reaches larger volume at the end of the gun, this ignition is what causes the distinct popping sounds of these cool DIY weapons.