Can a 1972 Plymouth Satellite Coupe Run on a Tesla Model S Engine?

Now dubbed Electrollite, the old muscle car can reach 106 mph.
Deniz Yildiran

What happens when a muscle car lover bumps into an old muscle car from the '70s and wants to get it running again? Well, he replaces its engine with a Tesla Model S's.

Meet Kevin Erickson, inventor of the Electrollite project, who simply, well not that simply, wanted to make a new car out of a 1972 Plymouth Satellite Coupe, removing its 318 V8 engine and putting in some Tesla hardware just to learn new things, and challenge himself. Though he got people thinking that he ruined a classic, he seems to have enjoyed "ripping the soul out of" it. Building turbo and muscle cars before, Erickson included a 100 kW battery pack from a Tesla this time.