Can Fifty Filter Changes Clean Dirty Oil?

This interesting experiment by Russian mechanics has the answers.
Derya Ozdemir

The YouTube channel Garage 54 is known for its auto-related interesting experiments, and they never disappoint. In their latest video, the Russian mechanics turn on the camera this time to see whether dirty oil can be cleaned up and restored to its original state with the help of 50 filters. 

But why causes oil to deteriorate? Let's explore this question first. Made up of a mixture of additives, oil tends to degrade as the engine runs with heat cycles and combustion byproducts causing chemical changes to the oil's makeup. Moreover, wear particles from moving parts accumulate and decrease the oil's performance. This is why, after some time, the oil in your car needs to be changed.

So can filtering out particles turn dirty oil into clean oil?  If you want to learn the answer, make sure you watch the video embedded above. Then, you can watch Garage 54 mechanics build a fully functional upside-down car that makes all the heads turn.

H/T The Drive
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