Can Houseplants Improve Air Quality?

Myth or fact? SciShow explores whether household plants really have the power to improve the air quality of your home or office.

Plants are thought to purify the air taking in carbon dioxide and other pollutants and producing oxygen. But is it real or just a myth?

The good people at SciShow are here to explore the question. It turns out the whole theory started with a 1989 NASA study.

The space agency conducted a study to see if plants could really purify the air. The research found the plants to be successful at cleaning the air.

However, later studies have had mixed reviews and have pointed out the NASA study was in a controlled environment that is unlike your home or office. It has been stipulated that to get an effect from the plants in your home or office you would need an indoor rainforest.

"One critic of the NASA study suggested that to get the same effect in a typical home you would need about 680 separate plants," says the SciShow presenter. 

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