Can the World’s Possibly Smallest Generator Light a Lamp?

Sometimes, all you need is the world's cutest generator.

Steam turbines, water turbines, internal combustion engines, wind turbines, and even hand cranks — these are all sources of mechanical energy that can be turned into electrical power for use in an external circuit thanks to the power of generators. Generators can be used as backup or as a major source of electrical power, with speed being the most important factor. So, in short, run a motor with a high speed and high voltage, and you'll have a decent generation.

Moreover, size matters when it comes to generators: You won't be able to power your equipment if the generator is undersized, and if the generator is oversized, you'll be squandering money. However, there are instances when the world's tiniest generator will suffice. In this video, Robert Murray-Smith tries to light up a lamp with what he calls to be the world's smallest generator, and this is a remarkable experiment worth watching. Enjoy!

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