Can We Grow a Salad in Martian Soil?

This video shows that the answer is yes, we can grow a salad in Martian soil.
Derya Ozdemir

We are accustomed to our greens on Earth, however, could the red Martian soil be the flavor that's missing from your bland Mediterranean salad? You might have to think twice about it. 

This may actually surprise you, but actually, Martian soil has been found to contain all of the nutrients needed for a plant to flourish! Unlike the Moon, we sadly don’t have a sample of it here on Earth.

Our understanding of it is thanks to landers and rovers like Viking and Pathfinder Missions. Once the soil was examined in these missions, NASA developed the first soil simulants which would be used for gear testing later on.

This video is home to boxes of Mojave Martian Simulant, provided by the Martian Garden in Texas. The Clark-Kent look-alike YouTuber Tom tries to make a salad from the scratch, with a fun and red twist of course. 

A few boxes of red soil is what you need to make the most futuristic salad after all. Tom plants peas, sunflowers, cress, and radish, which are rather interesting ingredients that we can't really imagine working together.

If you are curious about how they make the Martian soil and most importantly, how the pea-salad tastes, tune in to watch this video. You won't be disappointed.

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