Can You Handle This Nerve-Wracking Extreme Low Level Flying Video?

Jessica Miley

Try and watch this video without cringing. Pilot and all round adventure guy, Linkerius, takes us on a tour of his recent flying adventures. Sounds ok, so far. But he is flying just centimeters above the ground! 

This extreme low level flying is called Nap-of-the-earth or NOE, this technique is used by military aircraft around the word to avoid enemy detection and attack during combat. Typically geographical features and terrains are used as a cover for fixed wing aircraft. The folds and rises of the geography are used to fly in rather than over, this is known as terrain masking. Low level flying might allow an aircraft to avoid detection from aircraft radar systems that typically get alerted to high altitude flying aircraft.

Linkerius is definitely not under attack in this video, as he cruises along a river and just above breaking waves on a beach. As he describes in the video, you need to have absolute precision when a wing dip could get you killed. The video is totally addictive and also absolutely nerve-racking.  

Linkerius obviously has a slight addiction to adrenalin if his YouTube channel is anything to go by. Linkerius is definitely a dab hand at extreme flying. He also may be nurturing some slight paranoia about being under attack. There are some brilliantly strange videos of Linkerius alternating between firing weapons at sandbags and dropping down to hammer out a few pushups.